Sunday, March 27, 2011

Jewelry Project: day of training at Rescue House

28 hands twisting, shaping, clipping. The young women of Rescue House crowded around a small table as our team worked with them to master the basic jewelry making techniques they need to know in order to create beautiful jewelry. All 14 young women, ranging in age from 18 to 21, have been rescued by the police from a life of sexual slavery. When I first met them, almost two years ago, their stories gripped my heart. I remember weeping long and hard as they sang the hymn "Because He lives, I can face tomorrow". What struck me today was how much they have changed in the past two years. Two years ago they seemed a little tougher. Today they are softer, more tender, even joyful. It's obvious something beautiful is happening deep inside their hearts and lives. They are being changed from the inside out. Healing has come.

making jewelry7

We taught them how to make a new earring design, and I am bringing back 39 pairs of fresh water pearl earrings they made today for you to buy! Please let me know if you are interested in purchasing a pair or two.

making jewelry5

handful of earrings

At the end of our time we celebrated three of the young ladies birthdays. We sang, they blew out their candles, and then all the others started yelling, "kneel down, kneel down!" In their home they have a tradition to pray for each birthday girl and the girl must kneel down in the middle and they surround her. What a privilege it was to join in the celebration. We felt like family. After the party we offered to give the girls a manicure. They selected a color, we washed their hands, and then painted all of their nails.

painting nails

Earlier in the day we visited with the directors of Rescue House and they helped us understand in a clearer way what good timing this jewelry project is for these young women. Over the next three years they all have to transition to living on their own outside of the safe house. By making jewelry they will earn an income and that income will help them begin a life on their own and also achieve the dreams they have for the future.

That is just what Hope's Gate is all about: hope for orphans, victims of human trafficking and the most vulnerable. Giving them a way to have hope is our goal! Please keep praying for each step along the way, and for their lives to be changed forever!

From India,


Photos by Jen Price


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