Saturday, February 4, 2012

Pushba - no pictures alowed!

I held my breath as I followed Suresh into the ward of the women's HIV/AIDS hospital. Garbage and pools of dirty water lined the broken walkway leading to the entrance. Sorrow hung like a heavy cloud in the air all around us. Suresh and I were here to visit Pushba. To my surprise when we approached her bed I realized she was only about 17. She started talking to Suresh in Tamil and slowly tears streamed down her face as she struggled for breath enough to tell him about her failing health. I waited for Suresh to translate her words.
Pushba is an AIDS orphan herself. Both her parents have died and now she is all alone dying in an AIDS hospital, in some of the most deplorable conditions I've ever seen.
As I stretched my hand out and began to pray for my new friend, peace came like a light in the darkness. I prayed for the healing touch of Christ, for His goodness & kindness to surround her. As I walked away I knew this is exactly where Jesus would have been when He walked the earth. He loved the ones no one else would touch. Will you join me in praying for Pushba?
There are no pictures aloud at this hospital... But I don't need them. I will never forget the things I saw today.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Update from Chennai

It's great to be back in Chennai again after about a year. Wonderful to see the children growing, changing and maturing. As I sat at Little Lights Home I remembered meeting the children at this shelter over four years ago for the very first time. They were little, and they were wild. One boy named Joe had just been rescued from a life of being chained up to a tree like a dog while his parents (lepers) begged each day. When we arrived this time he calmly smiled a big smile and came & sat beside me and shyly reached for my hand. What a change in him! So thankful to be a part of that change. We talked about the "Not Forgotten" team that came with me from Life Church a little over a year ago. There were big smiles as we reminisced about that time. That message continues to have a huge impact on them.

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