Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Peaceful, calm, serene--that's how our first full day on the ground in Jinja began. Our first stop was to spend time with the YWAM Uganda staff and see the terrific impact they are having in lifting up the marginalized people that live around them. They run a vocational training school, a Bible School & the most amazing preschool ever! What I loved about the preschool is that it's open to poor families who normally couldn't send their kids to school. So the rich and the desperately poor kids learn & grow side by side. In a nation that's had decades of disunity, this school is shaping the next generation in incredibly tangible ways.
Stay tuned for part 2 of Day 1!


mikkemona said...

Great to see you guys in Africa....we will be following your every move along the African path you are heading on this trip!!! God bless:)

Stacy said...'s Joy! So glad to hear your first day was peaceful and serene!

Unknown said...

Great pics and thanks for the updates. Look forward to them every day! Blessings and praying for all of you. Looks like Sarah is enjoying the kids:)

Wendie Beddingfield said...

Thanks for the pics!!!! Can just imagine.... :)

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