Sunday, June 10, 2012

Jewelry making training

Friday we returned to SIITA Nest home and continued to train orphan teens in jewelry making. I heard an incredibly heart breaking story, Ruth's story. Both of Ruth's parents died before she was 5. She ended up being taken in by some extended family. A family member raped her and gave her HIV when she was a child. She now lives at SIITA Nest home and has started going to school, but is so far behind she struggles with the exams needed to progress into higher levels of education.
When she talks about her life she weeps, but she has also come to the place of freedom from shame and is open to tell her story.
Our jewelry project is giving young women like Ruth practical hope for the future by providing job skills training that she can use to earn a living.
Stay tuned for a report from our time at St. Ameria's school & shelter.


Susan said...

Praying for Ruth. Patty, I love your heart for these young adults and the practical way of serving and empowering them for,the future. Incredible!! Blessings!

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