Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Teens rescued from the streets as children find hope

This trip marks another milestone for our jewelry project. Yesterday we held a refresher training course here in India by video from one of our amazing designers & trainers, Heather.
We also interviewed a group of young women and heard about the time in their lives of living in hunger and fear on the streets before coming to this rescue shelter. The highlight for me was hearing how much they love making jewelry. Vijaya* said she is saving her earnings for college. They are earning approximately eight times what they would in another job, and they are able to make jewelry when they have free time, after their studies are done.
Our professional cameraman, Mike, has captured incredible raw footage that can be used for a Hope's Gate video.
If you would like to purchase jewelry made in our project contact info@hopesgate.org or if you would like to make a donation to help us produce a video of our project see the donate page.
*name changed


Hearts of Mercy said...

Great Patty, I am with you all the way. Love to be there with you. Love Lise

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