Sunday, January 29, 2012

Good haven from the streets

Sitting in the room listening to nine little children rescued from living on the streets sing and talk about their dreams was such a refreshing start to an awesome day. Each one has a unique story, but all have one thing in common: life was hard before coming to this shelter. They were hungry, lonely and sometimes neglected and abused. Now they are safe, loved, and happy! I've never met more grateful kids. We walked with the kids to a local pizzeria, and there were some huge smiles as they competed for who could eat the most slices. We interviewed the kids in order to better understand their life stories. One 11 year old said "I'm beautiful because God made me special". I just want to say to the staff of GSH, you rock! Stay tuned for part training with the teens rescued from the streets!


Lisa said...

Those are some awesome kids for sure. Miss all of them.

mikkemona said...

Awesome- A true remider of how God can turn around lives no matter what has happend to themand us!!! We pray for your stay and may it bring lots and lots of belssings for them and for your team!!! Miss the kids tons!!! Tell them hi:)

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