Monday, November 14, 2011

Two more training sessions....huge progress!

This morning we loaded up in the taxi and headed back for our last training session at Rescue House. The young women greeted us at the door with hugs and smiles, and then we set up our stations and began to teach some new earring designs. Sonali asked me "Patty Auntie, do you teach people in America how to make jewelry?". I smiled and said "No, only in India"..she said "oh, we are very blessed".

It was sad to say goodbye, and Heather, our professional jewelry designer and trainer, cried as we drove away....cried for these young women and the stories behind their smiles. Overwhelming.

From there we traveled an hour away to GSH in Talegaon. There we taught our last training session to the older teens who came from the streets. What a sweet time together with them.

On the way home we laughed a lot. Heather couldn't get over the fact that all the big mack trucks are decorated with colors and flowers and bells.

Check back soon!



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