Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A place of peace for children of prostitutes

Giggles, squeals, sweet voices laughing....these were the sounds that brought tears to my eyes yesterday as we sat on the floor of a tiny room in the red light district that is home to 6,000 prostitutes and their children.
In the heart of this dark place a wonderful woman runs a preschool for the little ones. They see and hear everything that goes on around them and they face sexual abuse at the hands of the clients, many times. Thankfully Dr. Ruby faithfully greets them each weekday morning and welcomes them for a few hours of peace. Hope's Gate supports the Light of Life Preschool monthly and we continue to work together to break the cycle of the hopelessness of generations in India.


Lisa said...

It's Dr. Ruby!!!! :):):)
Glad you got to visit her. Hope you remembered to give her a hug for me. (like you could forget). I miss those babies.

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